Stressed Santa


You’re the Stressed One and you’re always a ball of nerves! You’re piled under by a mountain of deadlines that all require your immediate attention, not to mention your boss breathing down your throat about KPIs and how the company isn’t hitting it’s targets. Back at home, your grandma has been nagging that she wants a grandchild but not before your mother tells you that you need a companion before you get too old and can’t find the special someone.

You’re extremely responsible and you’re willing to go all out to complete the task that your superiors have set out. But while chasing the corporate ladder, don’t forget that you need to have some time to relax and meditate. Taking care of your body and your welfare is just as important as your work. Health is wealth!

Take some time off relax! Here are some stuff that can help you cope with your stressful daily life:

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