Snow Penguin


You’re the Jack of all Trades! You’re naturally curious and would LOVE to experience everything that life has to offer. You believe that everything in life should be tried at least once, and if you often find yourself telling your friends to join you because “never try never know”. 

Because of your many talents, you are often the envy of many of your friends who wish they were able to do as much as you can. Your closer friends, though, have asked you if it was best if you would be better off spending your time and effort concentrating on being a master of a single craft. But perhaps, it’s just that you haven’t found that one special hobby you can call your passion yet.

If you want to explore even more skills or become the master of one, I have the perfect solution for you!


Next time you meet your friends, they won't just be impressed by how many skills you know, but also how good you are at all of them! What a legend!

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