Baking Workshops in the Heart of San Francisco


Mochi Making Class

In this delicious and super fun class, we will be making 4 types of homemade mochi dishes!

-First we will make Ichigo Daifuku mochi; mochi filled with red bean paste and fresh strawberries.

-Second, we will make a flavorful green tea mochi

-Third, we will make Odango, a popular street festival mochi

-Finally, you will get to see how real mochi is made from soaking glutinous rice grains and pounding using a Japanese machine. After, we will enjoy this authentic mochi in a savory traditional Japanese New Year's Ozoni soup.

Japanese Bakery Date Night Class

In this fun and delicious Japanese Bakery date night class, you will master how to make 4 different types of popular and delicious Japanese bakery breads with your date. You will also get to take a lot home to share with friends! This class is also BYOB!

Skills you will learn:

-ingredients needed to make the basic Japanese bread bun dough

-how to mix the dough -how to rise the dough

-how to make the bread fillings

-how to fill the dough and shape it

-how to bake or fry the dough to make delicious buns