How can I expand my online store?

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For as low as 4.5%. No listing fees.

As an artist, selling your products online can often be a challenge. Etsy is one great way to do so; many vendors have found extreme success building their Etsy empires. Shopping locally and supporting small businesses is becoming more and more popular, (trendy, even!) so it's becoming feasible to make a living off of your craft. However, after Etsy's recent charge increase from 3.5 to 5% per transaction, maintaining an online store can be a bit expensive. Many Etsy vendors have expressed complaints with the increase, saying they may have to boost the cost of their products in order to keep their businesses afloat. Some have even began searching for similar online alternatives, fearing they may lose customers as their prices get higher.

Lovely's Facial Toner  - sold on from Houston, TX

Lovely's Facial Toner - sold on from Houston, TX

Verlocal is a platform much like Etsy -- an online marketplace representing vendors from artisanal candlemakers to menswear designers. Suited to any product in the realm of "arts and crafts," Verlocal is a platform for small and large businesses alike. As our name states, Verlocal is centered around local experiences, creating a viable market for independent vendors. We charge a flat 6.5% fee -- but you can create unlimited product listings. It's no additional charge to post and sell on (and if you reference this article, you can get it for just 5%!),  so this additional marketplace can help to boost sales without breaking the bank. 


Additionally, with Verlocal, you're able to sell your skills. If you've always wanted to teach others how to write, paint, or sculpt, is a marketplace where customers can easily book classes and workshops in their area. Many vendors with Etsy empires use Verlocal to pass on their wisdom to members of their local communities and build their legacies as teachers. Who wouldn't want to learn from the best? With an increasingly DIY-centric culture, workshops have become popular activities for date nights and girls' nights alike. They offer a customizable calendar that is easy to embed on your own website, making online scheduling easier.

Many of our hosts, as active members of the crafting community, sell their products on Etsy. Yet since the recent price increase, many Verlocal hosts have reached out to our client services team with questions regarding how they can sell their products with us. Without any listing fees and a simple commission structure per sale, it's an additional -- and affordable -- way to sell handmade goods.

Some say, "those who can't do, teach" -- why not do both, and sell while you're at it?

If you've always wanted to learn how to make Etsy-worthy products but have never gotten around to it (or, like me, have executed one too many #diyfail), check out our article on how to pick up a hobby and become a DIY master yourself!

Easily add listings to your Verlocal site.

Easily add listings to your Verlocal site.