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Bay Area Cafés Worth the Buzz

A new, hip, trendy coffee shop pops up on every street corner just about every month, each with its own schtick -- rainbow lattes, veganism, cats. It's like the mythological Hydra -- one goes under, two more appear the next day -- and your choices them become overwhelmingly varied. In distress, nearing hysteria, you scream to the heavens, how can I choose? Where do I shamelessly spend $4 on coffee? Which café's aesthetic will get my overhead latte-and-scone shot the most likes on Instagram?!

Never fear. I've got you.

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Host Profile: Chef Arbel of BYWOOPS!

BYWOOPS is a quaint, colorful bake shop based in New York City, offering DIY macaron classes to kids, adults, and anyone with a good sense of fun and adventure. At the helm is Chef Arbel, a French-trained mastermind who whips up their picturesque cookies like a machine -- and then some. Formerly serving in the army, Arbel found her calling as a pastry chef. Read on for her story and sage advice!

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How to Plan Your Perfect Staycation

Sometimes you just need a break. From work, from routine and from stressful over-scheduling. But planning a trip can be daunting and -- more importantly -- expensive. If the thought of air fare and hotel fees gets you down, try spending your time off in your own city! Here are some ways to approach your home with fresh eyes and get the most out of your staycation.

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The Bay's Best Burgers

WARNING: Do not read this while hungry!

I've always believed there's nothing like a burger to brighten the day (except during the brief, dark period of my life in which I decided to become a vegetarian.) However, when people ask me where the best burger in the Bay is, I can never choose just one! So, I've compiled a list of all my favorites, from fast-food to gourmet.

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