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Essentially Essential Oils

Lately I have been so obsessed with diffusing essential oils in my apartment. They last so much longer than candles and smell so much cleaner. The world of essential oils seems so overwhelming at first when you go to google it and everyone is talking about “blends” and “mixes” and labels of oils that come from what look like pyramid-scheme companies.

I did some research on my own and through that (and some home trials) am going to try to break down the world of essential oils to others out there who are looking to ease them into their lifestyle as I have.

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San Francisco's Pop-Up Color Factory Experience

The word “factory” might bring thoughts of gray scale assembly lines, but the only things being assembled in San Francisco’s Color Factory in Union Square are smiles and perfect Instagram shots. The creation of Oh Happy Day’s Jordan Ferney and artists Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang, the Color Factory deploys a wonderful mix of both fun and colors, along with the hip way to do art these days: interactiveness.

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