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Art Basel 2018

The global art market converges in Switzerland this week for Art Basel, the largest annual gathering of dealers and collectors—and a massive crowd of visiting public. Last year, nearly 100,000 guests swarmed the Messeplatz, the event hall where the show is held, over a period of six days.

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Host Spotlight: Jeweler Ayaka Nishi of New York

Get to know NYC jeweler Ayaka Nishi, Japanese jeweler who now runs her studio in New York. Though she struggled initially to spread awareness about her brand, hers is an inspiring success story -- read on to find out more about her journey as a craftswoman and how her designs came to be featured in the latest Marvel movie, Avengers; Infinity War! 

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Summer Street Festivals You Won't Want to Miss

In cities across the nation, residents are invited to spend time in the sun at one of the countless summer street festivals held almost every weekend. What better way to spend a warm afternoon than walking the streets of your favorite city decked out with foodmusic, and art? These are some of my personal favorites from cities big and small.

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Remembering Kate Spade

Kate Spade, the face of a brand with a colorful, modern flair, was found dead on her apartment on Tuesday in an apparent suicide.

Like so many other young women, my first "grown-up" piece of designer clothing was Kate Spade. At age fifteen, I saved up as much money as I could to buy a pink wallet half the size of my head. It was one of the first "nice" things I ever owned, and I was captivated by the brand ever since. My mom, sister and I would go into the her store just to stare at the brightly colored bags, so often that the salespeople began to recognize us. 

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The Best (Free) Things to Do in Los Angeles

As a college student at University of Southern California, finding ways to explore the city of Los Angeles while sticking to my ramen-and-cheap-beer budget was a bit of a challenge. However, I somehow managed to discover a few hidden gems that made the city feel like home, and it didn't cost me a dime (if you disregard the constant surge pricing on Lyft).

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