Host Spotlight: Designing Experiences Through Movements

Dance With Your Heart, & Your Feet Will Follow

Mikka has been producing events & retreats in the bay area and around the world for over 9 years. She is known for creating memorable experiences, both lavish and intimate. Her regard for lush cozy spaces, incredible music, unique performances, and themed decor creates an immersive container, where connections enliven and grow.

Deeply moved by her global exploration of aerial dance teachers and training, Mikka creates classes that are fun, creative, and inspiring. She draws on her background in dance and acrobatics to put a spotlight on playfulness, flow, and the love of self-expression through movement.


The start of Minx Productions

Mikka is passionate about designing experiences. Through her passion she offers pole dancing classes, acro-yoga, and a retreat at the end of the year. Her goal is to bring together individuals of all backgrounds through an art of expression; movement.

Acro-yoga Classes:


Pole Dancing Classes:

Mikka Minx

What differentiates Minx Productions

The individuals that participate classes by Minx Production, will become a part of a tight knit community.  Individuals experience a feel good movement by joining a pole dancing class where you can explore a free style movement or dance therapy. Students of all-levels are welcome to join the class and participate with new theme new choreography.

Her biggest achievement

Retreat in Maui, Hawaii.

Every year Mikka hosts a unique retreat dedicated to inner beauty, outer expression, and a deep, throbbing lust for life. The retreat will be filled with revitalizing yoga, mind-blowing pole dance classes, inspiring activities and individualized instruction. Participants will be nourished with 3 fresh, local, organic meals everyday. All set in the beautiful retreat paradise, Hale Akua Garden Farm. Salt water pools, hot tubs overlooking the Hawaiian coastline, a 150 foot waterfall and everything else that makes a Hawaiian retreat amazing.

The retreat is open to 40 participants in a week long adventure. Individuals will immerse in dance, movement, and outdoor activities. There will be a big performance showcase at the end of the week, where students will take the stage.

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What inspires Minx Productions

Fitness professional can relate in having consistency in student base in order to build a community. Minx production has a purpose of inclusion providing a place to gather through experiences. The one thing that keeps Minx productions to thrive and continue every day is through inspiring retreat goers and hearing their positive feedback. Helping other people grow in their practice and change their view of life and continue to return to a class.


The future of Minx Productions

Produce more retreats and expand globally with different instructors, under the same model of our current retreat. With summer summer slowly coming to an end, 2017 Maui Retreat is approaching slowly.

You can join Minx productions on November 24th through 30th, on their Maui retreat. Thus far, 20% of the spots are filled. Sign up now to be a part of a movement of expression.