Brightens the Community of Anaheim Through an Artistic Expression.

Located in sunny Southern California, Painting UR Way brightens up the community through painting.

This family-owned business has created an experience that’s great to share with a group of friends, colleagues, family and significant other. Amelia, the owner and founder of Painting UR Way, started from an inspiration of taking her very first paint and sip class. Now Painting UR Way has inspired others to kick-back relax and truly have pure fun. Learn more about Amelia and the story of how Painting UR Way has thrived as an interactive experience in the city of Anaheim.

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Hi Amelia, can you introduce yourself to our community and tell us more about the experiences that you offer through Verlocal?

Painting UR Way is a family, female and minority owned and operated business.  

The Corona, California based family takes immense pride in bringing to Anaheim, California an amazing entertainment venue that allows its patrons creative and artistic expression.

Painting UR Way will guide you through the process of recreating a work of art while adding your own individualized touch.  It's less about learning to paint and more about relaxation, social interaction and self-expression.  

We provide everything:  paint, aprons, canvas, as well as beverages for sale.  And you leave with your own work of art - without any stress or mess.

When did you first become inspired to begin this paint and sip' business?

My “day” job was as a Human Resources Director for a major Pharmaceutical company.  Upon traveling to a location, I was responsible for in Michigan, I was invited to a Paint and Sip Studio as a team building event.  As I was the boss, and had never in my life painted before I was worried I was about to make a fool of myself in front of my staff.  But I didn’t. Given my lack of skills I was so impressed with my results and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  I knew I had to bring this feeling of accomplishment and joy to others, who like myself, did not normally endeavor to get in touch with our artistic side.

I flew home and immediately began to pitch the idea of opening our own studio to my adult children.  They were very reluctant initially.  I booked them in a class held locally and they were hooked also. I am very proud that from the initial class that I took to the day we opened the doors was only 6 months.

What does your passion mean to you?

It is so important to me to provide the best possible experience for each of our guests.  I want everyone who walks through our door, to leave with the same incredible sense of accomplishment and wonder that I did in that first class that I took.  Although, we have completed 3 years in business and are approaching our 4th year, seeing this in our guests, never gets old.  It’s what keeps me inspired to keep fighting to maintain our business.


What made you want to pursue your passion and teach your expertise?

As mentioned before I wanted to share the experience that I had received.  However, it was also important to me to set an example for my children to always reach for more and never be satisfied working for someone else.  Succeed or fail, you know that you tried and in the process, you were in control of your own destiny.  

How would you describe the link between your classes and the community around you?

Paiting ur Way -pet.jpg

We are proud to be able to offer an opportunity for Artistic expression to our community.  Very few people have the confidence to explore the Artistic side of themselves.  Once attending our class, they become more comfortable to do so.  We have had several students become, hooked on our classes and they return repeatedly.  They become addicted to the self-expression of the classes and the relaxation they enjoy, when they just let go and experience the class.

Tell us about your favorite moment/ biggest achievement since you started teaching your classes.

I am fortunate to have my favorite moment almost every night that we offer a class.  There is always the one student who declares they cannot even draw a “stick figure”.  They are tentative, nervous, excited and most of all hopeful at the same time.  I absolutely love it, when at the end of the class they have created a painting that they are proud of and amazed they accomplished it because they were sure they would never be able to do so.  When we take pictures at the end of the class and I love seeing their beaming smiles, filled with pride in their very own “masterpiece”

What are your favorite class themes and the story behind it?

I think my favorite class themes are the Valentine’s Day and the Christmas paintings.  Both events, seem to “give permission” to guests to just have fun, get caught up in the spirit and show some love to themselves and others.  During the Valentines’ Day events we have all types of people showing love, newly dating couples, long-married couples, parents and children and girlfriends using it as a much-needed excuse to reconnect.  During Christmas, we have guests of all faiths and beliefs who are just caught in the magic of the year.  We have actually had an entire class spontaneously burst into a hardy and loud version of “Frosty the Snowman”, while painting our Snowman themed paintings.

Valentine's Day Themed Paintings


Holiday Themed Classes

What is your favorite moment/story you’ve had between you and your students?

I think my absolute favorite moment was when we had a student about 10 years old.  She was clearly a high-achiever and extremely hard on herself. About 15 minutes into the class she became so frustrated that she was almost in tears. Her mother was trying desperately to assist her and make things better.  

Painting Ur Way -3.jpg

I stepped in and reminded her that 1) she was there to have fun 2) it was Art, so there is no such thing as perfect 3) her painting wasn’t going to look exactly like the Artist Instructor’s painting because it wasn’t a photograph it was a creation of art and her individual strokes and interpretation were important for her painting and finally if she wanted to eventually paint as well as the Artist she was taking the first step and she couldn’t give up.  I stood right next to her the entire class and gently coaxed, encouraged and supported her through the completion of her painting.  In the end, she actually did better than a lot of the Adults in attendance on the same night.  Seeing the pride and satisfaction on her face of having stuck with something and succeeded brought enormous joy to me.  Her mother was so happy because the child was always so hard on herself, that she wrote a YELP review the next day to thank me for helping her daughter.  This will probably always be my favorite story from the studio.

Share one quote that resonates with you :

“If you don’t even try, you have already failed.”

I strongly believe that every failure is the step in the direction of the success that is waiting for you.  Failing teaches you what not to do and what to try now.  Every accomplishment, even the smallest, builds your confidence to try to something bigger and better.  If you don’t ever try, you will never know what you “are made of” and what you are capable of doing.