Host Spotlight: Helping Others Find Joy Through Tidying

"Tidy Up With Sue is changing lives through tidying."


1. Can you introduce yourself and your company and tell us more about the experiences that you offer through Verlocal?


My experience spans over 25 years working for some of the largest companies in the Northwest, including Weyerhaeuser, Amgen, and most recently at Microsoft. The positions I held allowed me the opportunity to take full advantage of my organizational skills, attention to detail, and project management skills. It was my love of organizing that prompted me to leave the corporate world and apply my experience and expertise to a career as an organizing consultant using the KonMari Method. The KonMari Method was created by Marie Kondo, a world-renowned Organizing Consultant and Author of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

I am offering the Change Your Life Through Tidying: Discover the KonMari Method of Decluttering and Organizing Workshop on October 21, 2017, for clients who want a clear understanding of the principles of the KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing. This workshop is an excellent way to learn how to complete tidying on your own in an efficient, yet successful way, but need guidance and support to get started through the expertise of a trained organizing consultant. 


2. Tell us about your background: When did you first become inspired to do what you love?

As far back as I can remember, I would spend countless hours organizing my closets and cabinets using the latest and greatest storage containers and tools but all I was doing was storing the clutter out of site.  I became adept at creating the illusion that the clutter problem was solved. But soon, all the storage areas got full, and my house started to overflow with things until I completely filled up my living space once again.

I came across the KonMari method, which has gained worldwide popularity, and decided to give it a try and began decluttering her own home. My “AHA” moment was when I realized a storage method does not solve the problem of getting rid of clutter and a storage expert is really a hoarder in some respects.

3. What does your passion mean to you?

Going through this process myself was life-changing and decided I wanted to help others find joy in their life through tidying.  Now I mentor, guide and support my clients through The KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing to achieve their ideal lifestyle and living environment because this method helps identify what you value in life and discard the rest with full confidence. 

4. How has your business impacted your community and the people who support it?


The KonMari Method consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time starting with clothing, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy”, meaning does it make you happy?  There is truly magic when tidying one’s home and clients have remarked that going through this process has made a significant contribution to their peace of mind by showing how to more effectively organize their homes and have adopted profound and permanent lifestyle changes because of it.

5. What made you want to pursue your passion and become a host?

I am passionate about helping others tidy up their homes so they can feel the joy that I did when I finished my tidying journey.

6. Tell us about your biggest achievement since you started your business.


I have undergone rigorous training in the KonMari Method of organizing, including 50 hours of practice sessions with clients and passing a consultant’s exam. I am the first Certified KonMari Consultant in the Pacific Northwest and the 43rd Consultant worldwide to become certified in this method.

7. What was your biggest challenge when you first started your business?

Working as a guide and coach, the KonMari process clears up physical and emotional baggage to make room for what truly brings joy and sometimes the challenges of decluttering is a very emotional one. Being there for my clients to help facilitate their decision-making with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance to ease them through each task is very important to me. 

8. What inspires you to continue building and improving your business?


Unlike traditional methods of organization, the KonMari method emphasizes the importance of an initial assessment of your ideal lifestyle and living environment prior to jumping into decluttering and discarding. To help my clients visualize their dreams in this important initial step before tidying, I have undergone extensive training as a vision board leader and coach and will offer vision board workshops on a variety of topics.

9. What are your goals for the future?

To assist clients in their tidying journey, I am compiling a comprehensive joy journal and tidying workbook for use in my workshop so others can tidy their homes on their own and experience the joy and calm of a clutter-free and organized home.

I plan to offer the Intentionally Manifest your Dreams at the CREATE YOUR LIFE Vision Board Workshop on November 18, 2017, to help my clients visualize a life filled with dreams of their best life.

10. What advice can you give to people who want create a business from doing what they love?


The beginning is always the hardest, but I promise you it will get easier! Giving up is NOT an option for those who want to succeed.