5 Ways To Make June Gloom A Little Less Gloomy

With all the excitement over it finally beginning to be summertime the days that are gloomy can be a total bummer. Los Angeles is notorious for June Gloom, whether it burns off in the afternoon or, like most days lately, when it lasts the whole day. Here are 5 ways I’m breaking out of the June Gloom funk this season.

1. Netflix with friends

Remember those slumber parties you had when you were a little kid? Slumber bags, popcorn, movies? Well, it just so happens that this year's June Gloom coincides with the release of season 5 of Orange is the New Black. That’s right ladies; our favorite Ladies of Litchfield are finally BACK! What better way to spend a gray weekend in than binge-watching (and snacking) with your best girlfriends?


2. Try a new café

Nothing beats gray weather more than cozying up with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Why not make the most of this drab weather and try out a new local café? Sometimes it’s nice to break the routine and it’s easy to switch it up by trying a new coffee spot! It’s never fun to feel awkward when adventuring alone, but a café is a great place for this; you can bring your computer and sit with a hot drink while shooting out new emails in this new environment without feeling like you're all by yourself. It's a bonus that you'll get a feel for the ambiance of the place and who knows you could find your new go-to digs! An easy way to do this is type “café” with your city into your phone. Recently I was visiting San Diego for work and had a few hours to blow so I typed in “café San Diego” and found a cat café! I got to do some work emails while surrounded by adoptable cats for a few hours. It was a purrfect way to try a new adventure.


3. Get fun in the kitchen

When the weather isn’t all too bright outside, brighten up your insides with a new recipe! It's the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen without feeling guilty for not being out in the sunshine. I’m into experimenting with different soups lately as I'm totally loving this bone-broth trend. There are so many fun recipes online! It's exciting dabbling into something new and learning to prepare a new treat (and it's yummy too!).


4. Pinterest Boards

When I need to get out of a funk I try to prepare fun things to do when the weather perks up. My Pinterest board has been growing with new travel plans! There’s no better time to prepare for new adventures for sunny days than when I’m curled up inside escaping the gloom. It makes the gray season feel shorter when there’s something to look forward to. Right now my Pinterest is abuzz with local adventures here in Los Angeles, from the Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park to find a new read in The Last Bookstore! We finally had a sunny day recently and I took advantage of one of my Pinterest board activities - a hike to the top of the Hollywood sign! It felt so good to wake up to the sunshine and already have an adventure prepared.


5. Verlocal class with friends

Gather up your friends and try something NEW. That’s what Verlocal is for, isn’t it?! If you’re feeling down in this weather you can bet your friends are too so why don’t you plan a fun, new activity for everyone to try. Have you ever been glass blowing? What about a day learning how to make fresh French cuisine? The options are limitless with this website and that’s my favorite thing about it; there’s always something to fit my mood! Recently I checked out a pottery class and had a BLAST! Now I have two new beautiful plant pots in my house. Such a treat in this crummy weather!