Top Dog-Friendly Activities in the Bay Area

I love my dog more than anything in the world -- more than my house, my job, myself...

You get the idea.

But one thing I love almost as much as Zoe (my weimaraner) is my city. This is probably because though San Francisco is a major city, it has so many excellent activities to offer. And you can bring your dog along with you to most of them.

Disclaimer: The Bay Area is so pet-friendly, it's almost more difficult to find places that don't welcome dogs with open arms. With that in mind, these are just a few of my (and Zoe's) favorite dog-friendly things to do in the Bay!

If you love to go to the beach: Crissy Field

Zoe is going on fifteen, so she's not as spry as she used to be. In her younger days, when we had to take her out to run so she would relax in the evenings, this was her favorite spot to tire herself out. It's located right at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and is a prime hangout for dogs from all over the Bay.

If you're into water sports: Russian River Canoeing

Yes, it is possible to canoe with your dog! Zoe is averse to deep water (though she loves the dirty shallows of the creek near our home), so she, admittedly, has never been on a canoe ride. However, friends tell me this is a must-do! Russian River Adventures offers special stabilized canoes and adorable doggie life vests, so there's no need to worry about a man (or dog?) overboard.

If you're a Giants fan: Dog Days of Summer

On National Dog Day in August, AT&T Park opens its doors to all our furry friends. Bring your bestie for the parade and costume contest beforehand. Batter up!

If you love a good hike: Redwood Regional Park

Your dog will love these trails in the Berkeley hills. Most hikes in the East Bay are off-leash, and this is our personal favorite as it offers beautiful views of the city and the Pacific without the crowds of trails like Land's End (though Land's End is canine-friendly as well, and is worth a trip at least once)! I will admit, Zoe is a bit of a runner and finding activities for her off-leash can prove to be challenging, so getting away from the city traffic is an additional benefit.

  Zoe having a sniff around the park.

Zoe having a sniff around the park.

If you'd like a taste of SF history: Cable Cars

After peak hours, your dog is welcome to ride the city's historic cable cars. However, you still have to pay for your four-legged passenger (dogs are people, too)! If you prefer underground transportation, the MUNI trains are dog-friendly as well.

If you're in the mood for brunch: Outerlands

This trendy SF brunch spot has plenty of outdoor seating and enthusiastic staff that creates a perfect atmosphere to dine with your pet. Located right next to the (also dog-friendly!) Ocean Beach, it's a great place to grab a bite post-walk. Your dog will love their bacon as much as we do -- slip them some under the table, we won't tell.

  Zoe enjoying a day at the beach, moments before she wiped out in the sand.

Zoe enjoying a day at the beach, moments before she wiped out in the sand.