Artists You Should Start Listening To From This Year's Outside Lands

From Friday’s mad rush around the park in an attempt to not miss a single performance, to getting lost in Sunday’s wall of pure fog that wreaked havoc on glasses and cameras alike, I would call Outside Lands 2017 a success. Compared to last year’s (near-arctic for San Franciscans) festival, temperatures were chilly, but comfortable and the thousands that packed Golden Gate Park we’re happily running from Lands End to Twin Peaks wearing everything from tank tops and flower crowns to immaculately bedazzled suits and top hats.

Besides the never ending conversation of outfits, layers, and temperatures in the city of San Francisco, Outside Lands brought a large crowd together for an unrivaled music experience.

You’ve been listening to Gorillaz for over a decade and you had an unforgettable experience at Solange, but what about some of the other artists who killed it at OSL this year? I wasn’t able to catch every show, but I was able to attend many that had an impact on both myself and others.


My Favorite “Who’s On Sutro Absolutely Killing It Right Now?” Band: Joseph 

  Image from  @kfogradio  on Instagram – J O S E P H ✨

Image from @kfogradio on Instagram – J O S E P H ✨

Joseph gave me the feels I once felt experiencing Haim for the first time in yester-OSLs past. The three sisters, Allison, Meegan, and Natalie Closner (I wasn’t kidding about that Haim comparison), went on early Saturday at the Sutro stage and it was true coincidence that I didn’t plan accordingly to see Guy Branum’s Talk Show The Game Show and ended up sitting down on the hill at Sutro.

The crew from Oregon gave an incredible performance and the crowd couldn’t help but dance. I’ll be blasting White Flag in my headphones at work for the next few weeks, but it was their second to last song, Sweet Dreams, that provided an unforgettable, almost-end to an entrancing set.

(Folk, Indie – Songs to get you hooked: White Flag, SOS, and Sweet Dreams)


The One I Was Stoked To See Announced ON THE Lineup: Sofi Tukker

  Sofi Tukker – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

Sofi Tukker – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

I figured Sofi Tukker would bring out a good sized crowd, but boy did I underestimate the numbers. They pulled out all the stops for an insane crowd at Twin Peaks on Sunday. Sofi Tukker, who I believed to be a French group this whole time, actually comes to us from New York. I was hooked the second I heard Drinkee a year ago and couldn’t wait for their set time at Outside Lands – me and a few thousand of my closest friends.

Aside from fully embracing the audience in every part of each song, they surprised us all when they brought Maggie Rogers for a fantastic trio on Awoo. There was a consecutive reaction from the crowd around me once Maggie Rogers showed up – “did you catch her set? She’s incredible!” That brings me to my next recommendation…

(Dance, Pop – Songs to get you hooked: Drinkee, F**k They, and Awoo)


The Artist I Missed, But Everyone Was Talking About: Maggie Rogers

  Image from  @maggierogers  Instagram – Photographer: Jack Gorlin (@jackgorlin)

Image from @maggierogers Instagram – Photographer: Jack Gorlin (@jackgorlin)

Outfitted in a red jumpsuit with silver streamers flying from her arms and waist, Maggie Rogers was apparently one of the shows you didn’t want to miss at the Festival this year. I did, however, so I had to catch up on Spotify for the surprise artist everyone was talking about on Sunday. From what I’ve heard so far, she boasts catchy tunes and an incredible voice worth blasting through the car speakers.

We all know the live performance is one of the best parts, so I’ll be catching her next San Francisco show!

(Folk, Dance – Songs to get you hooked: Alaska and On + Off)


The Band My Friend Told Me To Meet Them At When I Had An Opening In My Schedule: Dawes

  Dawes – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

Dawes – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

Sharing in the experience of music with friends is the best, and somehow that feeling is heightened when you’ve never heard of the band before that moment. One of the more stranger occurrences is never hearing of the band yet somehow knowing the words to more than one song. It’s a great surprise, but also a bit puzzling.

This happened at Dawes, a rock group out of Los Angeles that performed on the Sutro stage Saturday afternoon. I was on a high from finding Joseph right before and having Dawes, a steady, great rock band with songs like “Things Happen” and “Somewhere Along The Way,” follow them up was great lineup move.

(Rock – Songs to get you hooked: Things Happen, When My Time Comes, and All Your Favorite Bands)

  The Who – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

The Who – Outside Lands Music Festival 2017

Between the ticket madness, thirty-minute-before-the-set dropouts, and Presidio Stage walk bys that had me grabbing friends asking if we could stay for “just one second,” Outside Lands was one for the books on its Tenth Anniversary.

Thanks for another memorable year in Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands Music Festival, and here's to ten more!