A review: What you CANNOT miss at this year’s Smorgasburg

With the return of summer each year, we all look forward to something else. What I look forward to is the return of Smorgasburg. This year, as soon as the market opened in April, I made sure to spend an entire Sunday at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. Although it’s been around for years, the festival remains popular because it is any foodie’s dream come true, with perfect picture lighting and new vendors each year! I had to walk through the market a few times to strategically choose what I was going to try because I knew I couldn’t try everything. Even though I didn’t have every single item at the market, I did try a lot and these are my top five favorites at the SUNDAY market, in no particular order

1. Edamame Soy Dumplings from Destination Dumplings

These are probably the best dumplings I’ve ever had. The only place to try them is at the market because they do not have a shop yet. They are worth the rage and the commute.

2. John’s Juice

Looking for something photogenic and delicious? At this vendor, you can choose from a variety of fruits. The fruit you choose is then cored and blended so that you can drink all the juice, straight out of the fruit. As they say “ all juice, no cups.” It’s delicious, fun, and refreshing when you’re outside in the park all day!

3.  Mushroom Egg Rolls from Lumpia Shack

I have always loved mushrooms and egg rolls but never thought about having them together until I saw Lumpia Shack. They were truly delicious. Any mushroom lover could eat hundreds of these. Either stop by the market or Lumpia Shack in the West Village, but make sure to try these!

4. Spicy Tuna Tacos from Takumi Tacos

I tried these for the first time at Smorgasburg in April. Now, all my friends know about my love for Takumi Tacos. I travel to Chelsea Market on my lunch break just to get these. The crunchy wonton shells make the taco delicious, and it being filled with fresh Tuna that tastes great each time, makes it better..


5. Rose with Cinnamon Roasted Almond Ice cream from Malai

This stuff is the real deal. When I ordered this, I didn’t know I would be craving it randomly for months to come. This doesn’t taste like your average rose flavored water or candy. The handmade ice cream is sweet, floral and spiced. I can’t really describe the unique taste, but trust me on this one -- it’s worth every cent and every calorie.