Shares Culinary Passion Through Cooking, Classes, and Cannabis

Mary White spent more of her early adult life talking, selling, and cooking. She combined her expertise in radio, film, TV, and cooking to share her experiences with you. As a kid growing up in Seattle, food is something she was always excited about, especially mom's cooking! Good was something that would always bring happiness and make uplift a situation.

After working in sales for a while she was later introduced to some broadcasting work on the radio and immediately fell in love. Till this day she still does some radio work, a little bit of acting, and also teaches classes on cooking with medical marijuana.

Hi Mary, Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about the experiences that you offer through Verlocal?

I’m Mary White, Seattle native, and lifelong foodist. After a long career in broadcasting, I get to do what I love – helping people learn to love their food. I teach Kitchen Survival, Cooking with Cannabis, and Cooking with Cannabis 2 and Cooking with Cannabis 3. There’s also Girls Night In, 50 Shade of Food, and others. Food = love!!

Tell us about your background: When did you first become inspired to do what you love?

After my radio career ended I wanted to expand my small cooking classes. Around that time I also began using cannabis for some intractable medical issues. Now, thanks to cannabis, I’m quite healthy. I love helping people learn their way around cannabis; now that it’s legal tons more people can learn about the incredible health benefits of this ancient medicinal (and FUN) plant.

What does your passion mean to you?

My passion for cooking means that every day I focus on how I can help people – to learn to take care of themselves, to save money and eat well, and to quit eating crap and get dinner on the table with a minimum of drama.

What made you want to pursue your passion and become a host?

After years spent broadcasting to lots of people, becoming a host means I can interact directly with people. Hands-on is really important to me, so all my classes are about getting in there and taking charge of your food.

What was your biggest challenge when you first started your business?

The challenges in running a small business are huge; one thing I like about Verlocal is that I don’t have to advertise as much and I attract people that might not have found me otherwise.

What are your goals for the future?

My goals include getting more people to class! I sincerely want to spread this knowledge around; whether cooking with cannabis or becoming the boss of your kitchen, being aware and in charge of what goes into your body is hugely important for your physical, mental, and financial health!

What advice can you give to people who want create a business from doing what they love? 

To anyone that is starting a business that involves interacting with other humans, I’d def recommend Verlocal; huge audience, great support, and cool people.


To learn more about Mary White take one of her "Cooking with Cannabis" classes or check out her blog!