Become a Verlocal Ambassador

Creating connections and bringing employees together


At Verlocal, we're always looking for people with a passion for arts & crafts, culinary arts and all things DIY to become the faces of our brand. If this sounds like you, apply to become one of our Brand Ambassadors! We're a growing community of creative, inspirational individuals dedicated to bringing our communities together, and we'd love to have you join us. 


How it works

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step 1. Create or Sign in to your Linkedin Account

-verlocal ambassador on position

-team building/connecting with office managers as description


step 2. Download DuxSoup Extension on google chrome

-paste tempate to send message to HR/office managers

-turn on widget

-linkedin search bar (HR/office managers/administrative assistants/people operations)

-select people on Linkedin options

-select area where you are targeting people

-on duxsoup skip profiles that have already been viewed in the past 7 days  


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